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Developed by a professional Math teacher to help other Math teachers reach their students and learners in a more graphical and intuitive way, MathGraph32 is an open-source graphical tool that will allow you to create dynamic geometry and analysis figures. It comes with a wide array of predefined – yet customizable – constructions and functions, that even helped Yves Biton, its author, to discover and demonstrate a new theorem based on Ptolemy’s. This free tool is also capable of graphing real or complex variable functions (of up to three variables), recurrent sequences graphs (either real or complex), and calculate formal derivatives of a real function, partial derivatives functions of multi-variable functions, and perform geometrical transformations, complete with similarities and inversion.

In principle, as said, this is not a tool designed for Math learners, but for Math teachers, and it shows in the features list what this free app offers. It allows you to create segments and angle marks and measure angles in degrees and radians. It manages as many as 50 redo and undo actions, covers complex numbers in depth, and allows you to create object loci, a feature that you won’t find in any similar tool. You can not only include formulas in your figures, but also formula editors that will let you modify them directly in the figure. The graphs themselves are great – their visibility has been highly enhanced in this new version 5, so that lines can now be displayed in various thicknesses, as well as angle marks and arrows, font sizes, and graphical components, which have been greatly improved for high-resolution displays. Macros play also an important part in the high quality of the graphs – they can be used to hide or show certain objects or to launch the overall animation of the graph. This animation can be saved as a GIF file and exported to an HTML page easily.

Having said that, if you happen not to be a teacher but have enough knowledge of geometry (and of Math in general) and a wish to visualize in graphical form all kind of figures, numerical functions, recurrent sequences, etc., to further develop your knowledge, this is also a tool for you. MathGraph32 is available in French, English, and Spanish, and is both versatile and flexible, providing you with all the basic figures and constructions you require to build your own.

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  • Highly comprehensive utility
  • Extensive catalog of predefined constructions
  • Allows you to create macros
  • Animated demonstrations
  • Various export options


  • The program is not so intuitive for users. This aspect offers room for improvement

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Best software for teachers and students of Mathematics. Very useful and powerful.

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Really powerfull ! Can also be used for numerical only exercises.

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